Growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Rick first became interested in photography as an early teenager experimenting with the family Polaroid camera. He very quickly discovered that he naturally viewed the world on a much smaller scale, taking pictures of, and interacting with the details in life. Soon after, he studied black and white photography for several years during high school. He then went on to study photography at the university level, ultimately obtaining a bachelor degree in English Literature.

Specializing in fractions, abstractions, slices of experiences, Rick views the minute pieces as opposed to “the whole”. His images are evocative typically possessing a strong sense of contrast, texture, and reflection. He encourages and urges the viewer to slow down, re-examine the composition, reconsider what has been seen and emotionally connect. His images usher the viewer into a place that is abstract yet strangely familiar. He uses the camera, not as a mere mirror to reflect or document, but more as an extension of himself through which he can channel feelings, ideas, and experiences.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Go Irish Again

Last weekend I took pictures for The Rovers Three, a fun and entertaining Irish band a good friend of mine is in, at our favorite local pub in downtown Huntington Beach. They just finalized a brand new recording entitled "Go Irish Again". If you're local to Southern California they will be playing the LA-Irish Fair this coming weekend (March 6th & March 7th) in Pomona. Two of the pictures I took are in the new CD, and here are a couple of shots I took of them. Check them out at

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